Profiles of Changemakers: Lene Kirk


Lene Kirk is a passionate transformational coach and teacher. She has developed a special kind of yoga called silent yin, silent relaxation and mindful living for highly sensitive people. Lene’s passion is to guide and help highly sensitive people to feel and find their inner power, and use their senses and nature as a strength to live a happy life. Lene inspires sensitive people to train their mindset, habits, and their bodies to feel their inner power. With all these tools, they have the opportunity to work with their consciousness in a deep way by listening to heart and body. Lene has a private practice with transforming communications for highly sensitive people, yoga and mindfulness training, combined with nature, courses, workshops and retreats.

Lene says, “To the outside world, she was a quiet girl, but not inside her mind. Inside her body and mind was a lot of energy, feelings, conversations and experiences. She tried to explain to people how she felt and what was going on inside. She wanted to share all her thoughts, but nobody wanted to listen. She was told to keep silent.”

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Book: Dr. Andrea Pennington’s new book “Time to Rise”


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